Neuromuscular Rehab Review

It is with great pleasure that we can provide you with the Neuromuscular Rehab Review (NRR).  The NRR provides a medium to disseminate clinical, research and educational information to a wide range of clinicians around the globe. Our distribution list is on every continent and continues to grow.

The NRR has original articles from within our group and we encourage external clinicians to contribute. There are numerous topics to choose from so there are many opportunities for penmanship.  The topics will vary between issues. Each one will have something different to appeal to readers. The topics are relevant to orthopaedic physiotherapists and physical therapists as well as other clinicians who treat musculoskeletal conditions.

The goals of the NRR are to:

  • Disseminate clinically relevant research
  • Present clinical information and the application of research
  • Facilitate research by clinicians
  • Promote evidence based practice
  • Challenge current concepts in rehabilitation to stimulate ideas.  It is hoped these ideas will stimulate research and lead to changes in clinical practice - with the goal of making the rehabilitation process more effective.
  • Provide an avenue to highlight the research from the Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Institute & SMARTERehab

We welcome your feedback so please contact us at:

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