Information for Authors

Information for authors
 The NRR welcomes contributions clinicians and researchers.  The topic would ideally fit one of the categories below.  If it does not, it may still be considered so please contact us.

The contribution should be: provided in a Word document; title, full name, designation, affiliations, contact details (email, mailing address, phone and fax number); text (single spaced); figures; tables; references (the contributor is responsible for references. See Elsevier for preferred format). See the word limit below each section.
Changing The Brain The Changing the Brain should consider an aspect of neuroplasticity, such as a new article, clinical expansion of that article or a new perspective on rehabilitation. Word limit: 1000
Editorial The Editorials will raise questions, offer opinions, and challenge current research or practice.
Word limit: 500
Feature Article The Feature Article may be a literature review, summary of research (e.g. extended abstract), or describe a research question that is needed. Word limit: 2000
Specialist Forum The Specialist Forum involves the clinical application of a technique, technology, research finding. This should be something the reader can clinically benefit from.
Word limit: 2000
Topical debate The Topical Debate should pose a question related to a controversy or debated issue in the field. A quick answer should be provided.
Word limit: 500
Research Methods for the clinician The Research Methods section aims to introduce the clinician to various aspects of the research process. This should be presented for the novice Word limit: 1000
Critical Appraisal The Critical Appraisal section is a branch of research methods that will highlight various aspects of critical appraisal to enable a novice clinician to apply this to relevant literature. Word limit: 1000
One on One Interview In the One on One interview, a member of our journalist team will pose some questions to an expert clinician or researcher to get a deeper picture of a relevant issue.
Word limit: 1000
Clinical Top Tips The Clinical Top Tips section should provide clinicians with a skill they can immediately apply to their clinical practice. This may be a way to perform an exercise, a new test, advice on how to improve a test, a new technique or modification of a technique, or a clinical reasoning tip, etc. Word limit: 500
Outcome Measure The Outcome Measure section will highlight an outcome measure and go through the indications and use of the tool, as well as the statistical data available. Word limit: 1000
Case Study The Case Studies should identify a new treatment, or a unique application of current treatment. The client should be adequately described with the relevant subjective and physical assessment findings. The before and after outcome measures or questionnaires should be listed. The hypothesis generated from the case should be clearly discussed. Word limit: 1500
Clinical Comedies We welcome funny, odd, peculiar stories about your clients. Word limit: 500
NRI Research Update The NRI Research Update section allows us to let you know what research questions we are investigating and any early results, abstracts or upcoming publications.
New at SMARTERehab The SMARTERehab courses are continually being updated and improved with new research, new techniques and different formats. This provides us with an avenue to let you know about changes.
Journal Watch The Journal Watch section is a reproduction of abstracts and notification of publication of articles that are relevant to rehabilitation.
Article Review The Article Review section should be a brief summary and critical appraisal of an article. Word limit: 500
Conference Review The Conference Review section should give a summary of a conference that was attended with key points and take home messages. Word limit: 500
Course Review The Course Review section should give a summary of a course that was attended with critical appraisal, key points and take home messages. Word limit: 500
Book Review The Book Review section should give a summary of a book that was reviewed with critical appraisal, key points and take home messages. There should be a recommendation for purchase or not.
Word limit: 500

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